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At Sensational Inclusion, we are committed to creating equitable educational ecosystems that recognize and amplify the unique talents of every student. Our mission is to embrace and enhance the individual genius of each child, with a special focus on neurodiverse students including those with autism, ADHD, and other unique geniuses.

We provide sensory-friendly, tailored literacy tutoring for students from Kindergarten to third grade, ensuring that our educational strategies meet the distinct needs of each learner. We understand that every child’s educational journey is unique, and we craft our support to honor their individual learning styles and strengths.

Our commitment extends beyond direct student support. We empower educators with comprehensive professional learning programs, equipping them with the necessary tools and insights to foster inclusive and supportive learning environments. Through strategic collaborations with school districts, we help develop and refine high-quality curricula, implement effective auditing practices, and provide expert education consulting. Our goal is to dismantle the systemic barriers that hinder full student participation and expression, ensuring that all educational settings are safe, inclusive, and nurturing.


We have an average of 5 out of 5 customer satisfaction.

Katrina G, Rochester NY

Sensational Inclusion and Ms. Tyana are beyond exceptional, a perfect 15/10! My daughter, who is on the spectrum, was struggling with reading comprehension and fluency, and needed an approach tailored to her unique learning style. Ms. Tyana has been phenomenal, using scaffolding techniques that build her skills without overwhelming her. Worth every penny!

Linda F, Penfield NY

My son once dreaded reading, but now he looks forward to his sessions at Sensational Inclusion and cherishes his reading time. His progress has been remarkable, catching up to his peers and developing a genuine love for books. Sensational Inclusion transformed reading from a chore into a gateway to worlds of imagination and knowledge.

Linda F, Penfield NY

Amanda G, Rochester NY

Sensational Inclusion transformed my daughter's attitude towards reading by infusing joy and playfulness into learning. Initially hesitant, she now eagerly attends every session. Previously labeled as not a "reader" by her school, their nurturing approach helped her become a confident, grade-level reader who always has a book in hand and applies the strategies they taught her effectively.

Amanda G, Rochester NY


"With 23 years in the field, I can say Tyana's training is the best I've experienced. Innovative, practical, and inspiring, she brings devotion and relatability to her work."

Preschool Director, Empire State College


"Tyana's training blended comprehension with practical scaffolding and interaction. Her support in culturally sustaining lesson planning was invaluable."

Greece Central School District


"Dr. Velazquez-Smith's training on supporting neurodivergent children was a revelation. Her expertise in culturally sustaining play practices is nothing short of genius."

1st Grade Special Education Teacher