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At Sensational Inclusion, our specialized Year-Round Education Consulting Services are committed to offering ongoing support to educational institutions. We engage in a year-round partnership that provides expert guidance, thoughtful feedback, and consistent support. This ensures that educational practices and policies are not just effective, but also deeply inclusive.

Our objective is to aid schools in cultivating learning environments that are inclusive and equitable. We place a strong emphasis on fostering anti-racism, embracing student intersectionality, and enhancing support for neurodiverse students. Our approach involves developing comprehensive plans, and policies while serving as thought partners to positively impact school communities.

Curriculum Development and Enhancement:

  • Guidance on integrating inclusivity and diversity into curriculum.
  • Ideas and strategies for curriculum improvement aligned with educational standards.

After-School Program Development:

  • Consulting on the creation and enhancement of after-school programs.
  • Strategies to make these programs more inclusive and engaging.

Support Services for Students:

  • Advice on developing support services tailored to diverse student needs.
  • Strategies for implementing effective support mechanisms for students with learning needs.

Policy Formulation and Review:

  • Assistance in developing and reviewing school policies to ensure they promote equity and inclusivity.
  • Recommendations for policy adjustments

Ongoing Consultation and Feedback:

  • Regular consultations to discuss progress, challenges, and new initiatives.
  • Continuous feedback on implementation of strategies and policies.

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Ideal For:

Schools, districts, and educational institutions seeking a comprehensive, year-long partnership to transform their educational practices and policies into models of inclusivity and equity.


We have an average of 5 out of 5 customer satisfaction.


"Dr. Velazquez-Smith was a dynamic speaker. She made complex concepts easily digestible, facilitating learning and application."

Special Education Teacher, Gates Chili


"Tyana's authenticity and energy transformed our training. She equipped us with the tools for anti-racist classroom practices, leaving a lasting impact."

Senior, Nazareth College School of Education


"Organizing our Trauma-Informed Care & The Power of Play conference, Tyana's engaging and research-based approach was both motivating and authentic."

Professor, St. John Fisher School of Education