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At Sensational Inclusion, our literacy tutoring program is crafted to resonate with the unique genius of each student. We believe in a sensory-friendly approach that goes beyond traditional teaching methods, tailoring the learning experience to the individual needs and abilities of your child.

Our 10-session approach is more than a teaching method; it’s a commitment to nurturing the genius in each of our students. Each session in our program is carefully planned to ensure that we meet the specific needs of your child. Our priority is to ensure that every student feels seen, understood, and, most importantly, excited about their literacy learning journey!

Interested in Enrolling Your Child?

Schedule a free 1-hour Sensational Start Session. During this session, I will personally work with your child to understand their unique strengths and interests. This initial meeting helps me tailor the “Literacy Ladder” — a personalized 10-session tutoring program specifically designed to engage your child’s genius and special interests while teaching foundational literacy skills.
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Description: 10 one-hour sessions with a focus on specialized areas such as phonemic awareness, literacy comprehension, decoding and vocabulary development, a personalized home learning plan, and ongoing collaboration with the student’s school teachers.

Price: $800

Includes: In-depth initial assessment, progress reports, additional resources for at-home practice and direct coordination with school educators.

Inclusion/Accommodations: Sensational Inclusion is committed to crafting each tutoring session to specifically address the unique needs of our students, ensuring an effective support system for a broad spectrum of learning styles and requirements. If a child has an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or 504 Plan, we kindly request that you share this important information with us. This information enables us to tailor our sessions for the most supportive and effective learning experience.

However, possessing an IEP or 504 Plan is not a requirement for accommodations at Sensational Inclusion. All children need accommodation regardless of documentation. Before the initial session, we ask the child’s direct caregiver(s) to complete an intake form and engage in a 30-minute inquiry session. This crucial step allows us to collect detailed information about your child, such as their sensory sensitivities, learning needs, and special interests. Such insights are instrumental in creating a learning plan meticulously designed to foster their literacy development and growth.


We have an average of 5 out of 5 customer satisfaction.

Katrina G, Rochester NY

Sensational Inclusion and Ms. Tyana are beyond exceptional, a perfect 15/10! My daughter, who is on the spectrum, was struggling with reading comprehension and fluency, and needed an approach tailored to her unique learning style. Ms. Tyana has been phenomenal, using scaffolding techniques that build her skills without overwhelming her. Worth every penny!

Linda F, Penfield NY

My son once dreaded reading, but now he looks forward to his sessions at Sensational Inclusion and cherishes his reading time. His progress has been remarkable, catching up to his peers and developing a genuine love for books. Sensational Inclusion transformed reading from a chore into a gateway to worlds of imagination and knowledge.

Linda F, Penfield NY

Amanda G, Rochester NY

Sensational Inclusion transformed my daughter's attitude towards reading by infusing joy and playfulness into learning. Initially hesitant, she now eagerly attends every session. Previously labeled as not a "reader" by her school, their nurturing approach helped her become a confident, grade-level reader who always has a book in hand and applies the strategies they taught her effectively.

Amanda G, Rochester NY


"With 23 years in the field, I can say Tyana's training is the best I've experienced. Innovative, practical, and inspiring, she brings devotion and relatability to her work."

Preschool Director, Empire State College


"Tyana's training blended comprehension with practical scaffolding and interaction. Her support in culturally sustaining lesson planning was invaluable."

Greece Central School District


"Dr. Velazquez-Smith's training on supporting neurodivergent children was a revelation. Her expertise in culturally sustaining play practices is nothing short of genius."

1st Grade Special Education Teacher