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At Sensational Inclusion, we excel in redefining educational paradigms with our specialized curriculum auditing services, thoughtfully crafted to support neurodiversity and ensure equity, catering to various learning styles. Our dedication lies in delivering practical, insightful recommendations to educators and academic institutions. We strive to cultivate learning environments where each student engages with a curriculum that is both accessible and enriching. Sensational Inclusion leads the charge in promoting and executing educational strategies that honor and uphold the diverse spectrum of all learners.



Our Standard Curriculum Audit Package offers a comprehensive analysis of your institution’s current curriculum, with a focus on core content areas and overall inclusivity.

Services Provided:

Curriculum Evaluation: An in-depth examination of various curriculum areas to assess their effectiveness and relevance.

Analysis of Teaching Methods and Materials: A detailed review of the teaching approaches and educational materials used, evaluating their impact and suitability.

Review of Inclusivity and Engagement Strategies: A thorough assessment of how well the curriculum incorporates inclusivity, sensory engagement, and differentiation techniques.


In-depth Feedback and Recommendations: A comprehensive report provided in a PDF format, offering detailed feedback and a set of actionable recommendations.

Presentation of Findings: A well-structured presentation outlining our findings, including customized recommendations and strategic insights to enhance your curriculum.

Access to Resources: Exclusive access to the Sensational Inclusion DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging) Framework Guide and Implementation Strategies, aiding in the effective application of our recommendations.

Price Range:


Ideal For:

Schools, educational institutions, or districts seeking an all-encompassing audit that meticulously evaluates all aspects of their curriculum, teaching methods, and inclusivity strategies.



Our curriculum development services focus on creating educational experiences that are both inclusive and engaging, ensuring they effectively meet the needs of every learner. We skillfully combine creativity and innovation while maintaining compliance with state and national educational standards. This balance ensures our curricula are not only comprehensive and impactful but also sensory-friendly and tailored to draw out the unique genius of each student.

Curriculum Development Process:

In-depth Consultation: with schools or educators to understand their specific objectives, challenges, student demographics, and any special requirements.

Needs Assessment: Evaluating the current curriculum to pinpoint areas needing enhancements or new development.

Collaborative Planning:

Idea Brainstorming and Vision Alignment: Collaborating on ideas, discussing educational philosophies, and forming a unified vision for the curriculum.

Standards Alignment: Ensuring curriculum compliance with educational standards, infused with the school’s unique ethos and the diverse needs of its students.

Design and Development:

Expert Creation: Our team of curriculum specialists and subject matter experts embarks on crafting lesson plans, learning materials, and assessment tools.

Innovative Integration: Incorporating sensational learning experiences and innovative teaching strategies to enhance engagement and effectiveness.

Incorporating Feedback:

Ongoing Communication: Regularly presenting our work for client feedback and making necessary adjustments.

Iterative Development: Ensuring the curriculum aligns with the initial goals and requirements through continuous refinement.

Evaluation and Continuous Improvement:

Effectiveness Assessment: Post-implementation follow-up to evaluate curriculum success and recommend ongoing enhancements.

Adaptive Strategies: Analyzing student performance, gathering educator feedback, and updating the curriculum to align with evolving educational trends.



Tailored curriculum development for one subject across multiple grade levels, or multiple subjects for a single grade.


Comprehensive design including lesson plans, assessments, and instructional materials.

Price Range


Ideal For

Schools or educational programs requiring a detailed curriculum overhaul for specific grades or subjects.



Full-scale, multifaceted curriculum development for several subjects across multiple grade levels.


Extensive design from scratch, covering a broad spectrum of subjects and grades, plus educator training and implementation support.

Price Range


Ideal For

Larger schools, districts, or institutions needing comprehensive curriculum redevelopment or new program creation.


We have an average of 5 out of 5 customer satisfaction.

Katrina G, Rochester NY

Sensational Inclusion and Ms. Tyana are beyond exceptional, a perfect 15/10! My daughter, who is on the spectrum, was struggling with reading comprehension and fluency, and needed an approach tailored to her unique learning style. Ms. Tyana has been phenomenal, using scaffolding techniques that build her skills without overwhelming her. Worth every penny!

Linda F, Penfield NY

My son once dreaded reading, but now he looks forward to his sessions at Sensational Inclusion and cherishes his reading time. His progress has been remarkable, catching up to his peers and developing a genuine love for books. Sensational Inclusion transformed reading from a chore into a gateway to worlds of imagination and knowledge.

Linda F, Penfield NY

Amanda G, Rochester NY

Sensational Inclusion transformed my daughter's attitude towards reading by infusing joy and playfulness into learning. Initially hesitant, she now eagerly attends every session. Previously labeled as not a "reader" by her school, their nurturing approach helped her become a confident, grade-level reader who always has a book in hand and applies the strategies they taught her effectively.

Amanda G, Rochester NY


"With 23 years in the field, I can say Tyana's training is the best I've experienced. Innovative, practical, and inspiring, she brings devotion and relatability to her work."

Preschool Director, Empire State College


"Tyana's training blended comprehension with practical scaffolding and interaction. Her support in culturally sustaining lesson planning was invaluable."

Greece Central School District


"Dr. Velazquez-Smith's training on supporting neurodivergent children was a revelation. Her expertise in culturally sustaining play practices is nothing short of genius."

1st Grade Special Education Teacher